Overcome. Move. Conquer.

Avante is a celebration of the human spirit, the resilience that defines us, and the drive that propels us. Because life’s not about dodging the blows. It’s about moving forward, no matter what.


Led by World Cup winning captain John Smit, this 15-strong squad is selected from international superstars past, present and future, driven by a shared goal and profound sense of purpose.


These are not just men who have succeeded at the highest echelons of their sport, but men who have confronted adversity, faced failure, and taken the knocks—all to emerge stronger, their victory only sweetened by the taste of defeat.

But Avante isn't confined to these 15. We’re a collective of athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and everyday men and women who know what it means to face setbacks and turn defeats into comebacks. Together, we overcome and move forward. Avante!